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  • Keith's Pottery Top Tip - April

    So, it’s April now and Keith has got another pottery tip to help us all out. He has a vast knowledge of pottery and could write hundreds of little tips however we’ve sorted out the most useful (hopefully!). These are the things that are known to catch a potter out… If you've got anything to add then comment below...
  • Alara Competition

    So, we’re into our second week of lighter, brighter days and we hope you’re still loving it as much as us - it’s something positive to make the end of The Great Pottery Throw Down more bearable. Last week we had a little competition to win a box of glowing granola with a new KBJ ‘good morning’ bowl and this week we’ve got another opportunity for you… Place an order
  • Lucy Rocks Competition

    So, finally we’ve welcomed spring and the clocks have sprung forward to make everything a great deal lighter! How much easier is it to get out of bed when it’s bright and sunny outside? We won’t miss those cold, dark, grey mornings much at all…There’s colour everywhere with the flowers starting to bloom and we’ve noticed a lot more smiles on people’s faces and even a
  • Ceramic Art London 2017

    Here at KBJ HQ, we are very excited for Ceramic Art London...finally after our year long wait, it is THIS weekend! Keith has had his tickets ready for months and we've all got ours poised and ready too :-) Here's everything that you need to know about Ceramic Art London 2017 but if there's anything more then head over to their website: Any questions for Keith or the team, let us know below...
  • Flash Sale 35% off

    OUR BEST SALE EVER! This evening, we have an incredible 35% off absolutely everything in the Keith Brymer Jones collections. Only until midnight – it’s not one to be missed. Get what you’ve always wanted but with a big chunk of money off – what could be better?! *Full Terms and Conditions No delivery before Mother’s Day 35% discount applies to entire order excluding delivery cost when the voucher code ‘flashsale&rsquo
  • Keith's Collaborative Designer, Jane Foster, Talks About Being a Mother

    We hope everyone is ready for Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday? Don’t worry if you’ve still got a bit to do, there’s a little bit of time left… if you’re quick you could still get the KBJ ‘mum’ mug - a personalised and perfect gift. Keith is a father, not a mother, so we can’t interview him until Father’s Day in June
  • Keith's Pottery Top Tips - MARCH

     March is here and it’s time for Keith’s third pottery top tip of 2017. There’s hundreds of tips in Keith’s brain after over twenty years’ experience as a master potter however we got him to write down the twelve most important and applicable to you out there! Hopefully you're learning a lot by watching BBC2's The Great Pottery Throw Down too but there's some things that Keith