Summer is here again and there’s so many reasons that we love summer but here are just a few…

Beautiful sunsets

A stunning summer sunset that paints the sky gorgeous shades of pink can be one of nature’s most striking shows. You can’t beat these down in Margate, Kent where the view from Keith’s flat means he never misses the spectacle! No special effects required for this perfect photo from Keith’s front room…


It’s great in summer to see the trees full of green leaves and the colourful flowers dotted around the place – makes the world so much prettier! Make sure you bring some the outdoors inside with a nice plant or vase of flowers on the mantelpiece.

Warmer weather

You’ll be hard pushed to find anyone who doesn’t appreciate a little bit of warm and sunny weather. Longer, lighter days when the sun is up before you making you feel energised and excited for the day. Perfect for spending time outside relaxing with friends and family. There’s nothing like dinner in the garden, a gentle stroll on a sunny evening or your morning coffee outside in the garden 🙂

Summer BBQs

Now there’s nothing better in summer than a big BBQ in the sun! Whether you’re a veggie and love the couscous and feta salad or a huge meat-eater who can’t scoff in enough burgers and hotdogs, a BBQ is loved by all. Make sure there’s plenty of Pimm’s for the adults and lots of ice cream for the kids. Always best stylishly presented on eye-catching super white porcelain crockery…have a look now!