Spring has well and truly sprung now and I dont know about you but everyone here at KBJ HQ is loving the longer light evenings 🙂 Are you to get green fingered in the garden?

1) First thing is first – clean and repair garden tools!

Start by servicing and inspecting garden furniture for any rot then get mowtivated to check that the lawn mower will still start and finally dust of the old hand trowel and fork ready for some digging 🙂 Why not go the whole way and treat your shed, fence or trellis with wood preservative!

2) Deadhead your daffodils

Although it is always sad to cut down flowers, once your daffodils have passed once deadheading encourages new flowers and keeps your spring bedding looking tidy. Make sure you don’t chop any of the leaves as these are required for regrowth of the bulb next year.

3) Fertilise

Add general purpose fertiliser and mulch to your soil now things will be starting to grow. Spread it right to the borders of your beds, include your fruits and veg patch and all flower pots too!

4) Tidy up your beds and borders

Draw out the shape you would like with sand sprinkled the surface then cut away any overgrown plants or protruding soil. Remove the top layer of vegetation and dig over the ground incorporating as much organic matter as possible. Make sure you divide your time equally between all your beds, don’t do over-thyme in the herb garden!

5) Remove moss and weeds

These little buggers will be springing up all over the place now the warmer weather is upon us. Stay on top of it. Pay close attention to paths, terraces and driveways –all the places we like to keep clear but unwanted weeds love to grow!

6) Get rid of slugs and snails

Time to start the war against these garden critters. Keep an eye out for snails and slugs and pick them off or carefully place flat stones in amongst your plants and watch as birds land and pick off the bugs for you 🙂

Lastly, remember not to completely relax – it’s too soon! Beware of late frosts and make sure that you keep you vulnerable plants and new shoots covered and protected at night if frost is forecast.

7) Treat yourself to a well-deserved cuppa!

After all of that thirsty work, you’ll deserve a relaxing brew! And Keith’s made the perfect bucket mug for you, too!