Finally, spring is here! Here’s seven things to remember to do this Spring!

Revamp your diet and exercise routine
There’s no excuse now – delicious fruits in season, sunny weather for jogging and longer hours of daylight. Make sure you get some appropriate running attire if you’re planning on taking up a new sport – or you could rock the tweed jacket and tie look on the treadmill a la Keith Brymer Jones!

Plan a picnic
Go for a proper picnic! Little sandwiches, cocktail sausages, homemade cupcakes and of course a large checked picnic blanket. If you’re in the mood, why not include some fruity Pimm’s.

Sort out your wardrobe
Time to put the big wool jumpers away and dig out your lighter spring ones. The warmer weather is the perfect excuse to get to the shops and treat yourself to some brand new clothes to usher in the new season. Keith wears his bright, floral shirts all year but they’ll be looking especially great this Spring.

Book your summer holiday
Whether you prefer a staycation and relax at home or a 5 star tropical paradise, make sure you get something scheduled into the calendar. There’s no better way to start spring!

Have a hair cut
Make sure you book in a haircut to get all those nasty split ends cut off and freshen up your style. Keith will certianly by making sure his hairstyle is looking on point this Spring so there’s nothing to cry about 🙂

Get into the garden
Over winter the garden may be been a bit neglected but now’s your chance to get out there in the spring sun and get green fingered! Why not bring the outside inside and get some flowers from the garden for the kitchen table.

Spring Clean
Of course! Get rid of winter clothes, clean windows and tidy away clutter or in Keith’s case dust away the cobwebs and clear out the kiln 🙂