1) Have a serve yourself food and beverage station

Of course, when hosting there is always the temptation to run around like a headless chicken serving all your guests! Remove all the stress by setting up carefully thought out self-service food and beverage stations. Your guests will be full and hydrated and you can relax and enjoy the party as much as them! Lay out plastic cups, ice buckets, jugs of Pimm’s and whatever else you fancy, preferably somewhere in the shade to keep everything cool. Pack the table full of salad, cheese, crispy bacon, tomatoes, onions and more so people can have their mini bar and make their burgers just how they like them. Don’t forget the fresh fruit for dessert, perfectly dispalyed in the Keith Brymer Jones fruit bowl, and all the sauces and dressings that people love!

2) Make sure you table is decked out with the most stylish dinnerware

This is a brilliant way to bring the whole party together and really impress your guests! Just because you’re dining in the garden doesn’t mean the dinnerware has to lack style and sophistication. Do away with the cheap paper plates that bend and leave your guests frustrated when they can’t pile them high with your delicious food. There’s no crockery that looks as striking as bright white for a garden party. Why not get up to £30 off when you buy a KBJ dinner set today!

3) Use the ultimate accessories

Don’t skimp on the ultimate BBQ accessories as they can complete the party. Make an impact with simple yet stylish oil and vinegar pourers for the salad, a contemporary butter dish to butter the burger buns and salt and pepper cruets to season easily as desired. You can get 10% off when you sign up to Keith’s newsletter on all of his perfectly formed pieces to bring your garden party together!

4) Decorate the table

Of course, your guests love to see a table piled high with appetising food however the table isn’t quite complete without delightful summery decorations. Table confetti, straw place mats, cutlery pouches and the finishing touch – flowers!

5) Homemade food

Anyone can go to the supermarket and buy a feast fit for a garden party but there’s definitely an added charm to providing something homemade. Your guests will love anything from handmade burgers to home baked treats.

Why not do something a little bit different: Scoop out the inside of orange halves and use the rinds as fun little bowls for freshly squeezed orange sorbet.

6) Play games

No garden party can be classified as the best without a bit of fun and a few games! This is particularly important if not all guests knew each other at the start of the party. Why not use teams to bond your guests together? Be creative with your game ideas and make sure it’s entertaining to watch, as well as play. One perfect idea for after dark could be glow stick ring toss – simply prop a stick up in the grass, have your teams of friends fling glow stick rings at it with the aim to loop it over. Add a little competitiveness by promising the winning team a little prize. Check out the gifts for under £15 for prize inspiration!

7) Have some fun

Set up little fun treats around the garden for guests to enjoy. One thing that everyone loves, especially once they’ve had a drink or two, is a self-service photo both. Simply hang a large frame from a tree, provide a box of accessories, put up a camera and wait for the great photos to come flooding in!