Well today is the day… Tonight’s the night!!

I’m on the telly (9pm on BBC2’s the Great Pottery Throw Down). I, like any of you who care to watch it, have not seen any of it yet; yes, I will be watching it for the first time too! Will it be good? Good is a broad criteria. All I hope is that my passion for clay, ceramics and pottery will be communicated through the medium that is TV. It’s a passion I have had since the age of 11 at secondary school and I hope that it will touch you in some way to realise, entertain, and inform you of the wonderful techniques that make up this broad church of potters that we are.

It was a truly wonderful and honoured experience. All the contestants on the show were fantastic on lots of levels, and I hope that Love productions (the team behind the show) have conveyed in some way the hard work and love for pottery the contestants/potters put in to the show (I’m sure they have… They were quite brilliant !)

So enjoy! Xx