This AW16, Keith Brymer Jones will bring to you his latest unique collection – the Alphabet Range!

The tasteful Alphabet range boasts not only contemporary mugs but also the first ever glasses from master potter Keith Brymer Jones. Every Alphabet item features a letter in the iconic Courier New font, the same font used in the Keith Brymer Jones Word Range, which was designed to resemble output from a typewriter and resonates with an era of design that is close to Keith’s heart.


Each mug is meticulously crafted from the finest quality super white porcelain and has a large upper case letter in Keith’s distinctive font perfectly inlaid on the front. Their charmingly cosy shape contrasts with their clean and subtle exterior making them the ideal high-quality option for the modern consumer. The Alphabet mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and hold just the right amount of tea (330ml), so that they are practical in the modern home, as well as being exceptionally stylish.


The first ever glass range from Keith Brymer Jones is perfectly formed from borosilicate glass, which makes it highly resilient to thermal shock, dishwasher safe and lighter to hold than traditional glass. This highly strong glass was chosen so that the 525ml Alphabet glasses could be designed with beautifully thin sides that uphold Keith’s classically simple design aesthetic. Everyone loves something new especially if it’s excitingly different; you won’t be able to keep your eyes off these glasses!