All of our best friends have a specific quirk that makes them who they are. This is the ultimate Keith Brymer Jones gift guide for those nearest and dearest to you, by choice!

‘#lol’ Bucket mug

We all have that friend. The King or Queen (usually Queen) of satire. The one that uses ‘lol’ to express their lack of amusement to everything you have to offer. Well, for that killjoy, we have the perfect gift: ‘#lol’ bucket mug.

‘drama queen’ Bucket mug

She reacts to everyday, normal occurrences with unnecessary excessive emotion. She thrives on drama. Everything is theatre. Everything must be attentiongrabbing. Which friend came to mind? Don’t kid yourself, the drama queen exists in every friendship group and we love her! How droll would life be without your drama queen? Show her how much you love her with our ‘drama queen’ bucket mug!

‘xoxo’ Bucket mug

There’s a girl in every group who looks and acts as though she’s walked off the set of 90210. Her life summed up is; fine dining, chic outfits and ending text messages with xoxo. She’ll love our ‘xoxo’ bucket mug for her morning sip of green tea.

‘bitch’ Bucket mug

A day/night spent with this friend generally revolves around updating each other on the goss and laughing at everyone who isn’t you both. We all know a ‘bitch’ that brings out the evil in us. This fun ‘bitch’ bucket mug would be a perfect surprise.

‘#selfie’ Bucket mug

The newest arrival to our Keith Brymer Jones range: the ‘#selfie’ bucket mug! With the invention of the selfie came a global phenomenon, with everyone from Barack Obama to Cara Delavingne. For all the instagrammers out there- this one’s for you!

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