Family life can be difficult. Especially when as soon as you wake up, you have to feed a clan of hungry kids! Here is the ultimate breakfast checklist to make life easier for you in the mornings. Enjoy!


What is breakfast without a morning brew? Our Keith Brymer Jones Teapot is a stylish and practical addition to your kitchen. This product is an absolute essential for serious tea drinkers. Our large easy to use handle makes pouring effortless and the stylish, contemporary feel makes you look like a domestic goddess! Start your morning with a large helping of strong, sweet tea!

Egg cup set

Well if you’re looking for egg cups that will spark an intellectual debate at the breakfast table, these are the egg cups for you! ‘What came first the chicken or the egg?’ Hmmm…

Having a hard time catering to your bundles of joy at breakfast time?! These unique egg cups are guaranteed to make breakfast fun for the kids (and adults too!) – Make breakfast time into quality family time!

Cereal Bowl

Eating cereal for breakfast doesn’t have to be boring. Pour your cornflakes into your very own hand stamped bowl . If you’re more of a porridge kind of person, then we even have a porridge bowl specially designed for you!

Large Milk Jug

A Large milk jug is completely necessary during breakfast, whether you’re a serious cereal eater, tea drinker or you prefer porridge! Get the kids their daily intake of calcium in the mornings with our modern twist on a classic milk jug.

Butter Dish

What is toast without a dollop of butter spread over it? What is breakfast without toast? What is life without breakfast?! Our lidded butter dish keeps butter fresh in the fridge until it’s time for the most important meal of the day; BREAKFAST!

Toast Rack

Our toast rack is a must-have for every dining table. Whether you enjoy slices of exotic Mediterranean toast, toasted French bread or just a good old slice of white covered in sweet strawberry jam, any dining table is incomplete without it!

Breakfast cup ‘Hot’

We left the obvious till last. What is breakfast without perfect breakfast cups ? These are ideal to enjoy sweet cups of tea or coffee! For those that prefer to drink chocolate, we have the cups for you here !

There you have it, make breakfast time the perfect family time. Everyone in the household is guaranteed to leave home in the mornings with their stomachs brimming!