Now we know that you are never supposed to have favourites but with so many different words now in his word range, Keith Brymer Jones has let us into a little secret – can you guess what his favourite words are?


One of the very first words that Keith ever inlaid on a mug was ‘Love’! It is always going to have a special spot within Keith’s heart. Such a short, simple word yet so powerful in meaning. Check out all of Keith’s ‘love’ products here


Keith feels at his happiest when he is behind his wheel and making products that make people happy is a key part of his design philosophy. So it makes perfect sense to stamp it on the finished piece! The ‘happy!’ mug is the only mug which allows a choice of colour word – take a look here

You can also see Keith’s own music video spoof of Pharell William’s ‘Happy’ here!


Keith likes that the ‘his’ and ‘hers’ bucket mug set of two is subtle and not too over the top as a present. Perfect as a wedding, anniversary or moving in present – why not buy it for a special couple in your life?


It is definitely true that mums everywhere are hard-working individuals! View Keith’s ‘mummy’ mug – perfect as a gift for Mothering Sunday on the 5th March


Of course this is one of Keith’s favourites and it reflects perfectly his sense of humour. People all across the country have days where they feel that this statement ‘overworked/underpaid’ could not be more true, making it a very popular design. If you’re overworked and underpaid, you can buy yours here! 🙂