It is almost impossible to understand the size and level of investment in China. It becomes more and more apparent with every trip that China is vast in terms of its potential output and the opportunities that there lies within. With every passing trip it is clearer that the overwhelming majority of its population are motivated by one thing and one thing alone: to work and to never stop working. A large part of this motivation may stem from China’s history of being governed by war lords and emperors, a communist dictatorship and more recently and economic dictatorship. This in many ways has its disadvantages for the people that live within the country but from an overall spectator’s point of view, purely in terms of business it seems and has been highly successful in Chinas economic growth in the last twenty years. What is more interesting for me is that this is now inevitably having far more reaching consequences in terms of Chinas social growth as ordinary people are undoubtedly becoming more personally wealthy. This view however is certainly not the whole story as there is still a major gap between the rich and poor.