Christmas Dinner can either end in two ways; tears & tantrums or becoming the talk of the holiday season.

Cooked with Love Plates/ Homemade plates

If you have been waiting for an excuse to pamper your kitchen, here it is! Serve your guests their Christmas dinner on Keith Brymer Jones’ fabulous new plates.

Gravy jugs

What is Christmas dinner without gravy? Make sure you have stocked up on Keith Brymer Jones’ Large Gravy jug[K1] for Christmas this year so you can drown your dinner in the meaty sauce! Yum!

Pudding bowls

Regardless of what it is you’re planning on making (or buying) for desert this Christmas, we can guarantee how delicious it will look inside a Keith Brymer Jones’ pudding bowl.

Large Bowls

Christmas has always been a time where the whole family stuff their faces until breathing becomes a difficulty. If you are planning to have a variety of dishes to serve (and you probably are) then our Keith Brymer Jones’ serving bowls would really tie up the whole dinner table. You can serve your roast potatoes, Yorkshire pud, roast vegetables and even more in our bowls!

Large Platter

For the centrepiece, may I present the Keith Brymer Jones Large Platter! Our statement platter is the best way to display your culinary talents. Can you imagine bringing your platter into the dining room, placing it in the middle of your dining table, filled with a gorgeous, Turkey, roasted to perfection and your guests watching in awe. Well we can make that vision a reality…

There you have it guys, a Christmas dinner essentials list. Make sure you add any products below that we may have missed out! Stay tuned as we have an exclusive interview with Keith next week!