Episode 1 of Keith’s New Show

It has been lovely to see such positive comments about the first episode of The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts. Episode 1 was a great one wasn’t it? I think we were all amazed that there were no tears!

In episode one, we got to see the talented makers live their first few days inside the beautiful Wyndcliffe Court and saw them hard at work to create the beautiful parlour room in an Arts and Crafts style. The group were given a fantastic brief to create a Sussex chair with Abdollah being the sole creator of this, a silver bowl to be made by silversmith, Bryony and finally a William Morris inspired wallpaper for Ilsa to create.

The amount of hard work an effort put into this room was beautiful and it was great to see how much it paid off. The Sussex chair, made by Abdollah, was just incredible. From a long tree log to this stunning piece of art. Abdollah showed his passion and dedication to the craft throughout the episode and with help from Niamh, they pulled off this remarkable piece of furniture.

Silversmith, Bryony, created this astonishing silver bowl which appeared to be almost identical to the original piece, minus the extra handle which was a great personal touch. The light hammering created a gorgeous yet subtle effect and was a great aesthetic. All in all a great piece and a magnificent feature in the room.

Ilsa created a beautiful and vibrant wallpaper piece (featured in the main image) that blended right into the room. The effort that she put into the printing was extraordinary and clearly paid off.  Watching her learn the Victorian printing method was fascinating and though she found it challenging, her outcome was superb.

Which one was your favourite piece?

Next week we’ll see the makers tackle the Master bedroom, tune in Friday 18th at 9pm on BBC Two and if you haven’t watched episode one yet then what are you doing?! Click on the link to watch on BBC IPlayer and let us know your thoughts.


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