Five tips to embrace the darker evenings

So, the nights are drawing in and the clocks are going back this weekend! Positives, we get an extra hour of sleep (or partying if you’re out) and opportunities for cosiness have just massively increased… negatives, there’s going to be darker evenings. Don’t worry though, we’ve come up with a few things to help keep the winter blues at bay…



Never cease activities just because the days are getting shorter – there’s a tendency to think that because it gets dark earlier we should all hide away inside and just watch TV. All good if that’s your preference however it’s the perfect time of year to go out and appreciate the beautiful scenery of the autumn-winter transitional period – the air is so crisp and fresh too! Head out for walks or relax in a heated beer garden and don’t forget they’ll be plenty of fun things popping up very soon like outdoor ice rinks and Christmas markets. If you don’t fancy heading out then another great idea for this time of year is to plan a dinner party… friends and family, good food and great laughs; the ideal blend for a wintery evening. Don’t forget to present everything on your Keith Brymer Jones white ceramics to really impress!



It’s getting darker outside but that doesn’t mean it has to get darker inside too. Remember those house lights you haven’t used for six months that used to light up the dim corners… turn them on. Extra indoor lights create a brighter ambiance that’ll help you forget the nights are drawing in. Get some fairy lights up, light a few candles or if you’re lucky enough to have an open fire then get it on, it all adds to a happier atmosphere to counteract the darker evenings.



The darkness creeps up on us a little earlier each night now and sadly it’s only going to get worse. Why not beat it by swapping your late nights for earlier starts? You’ll see more hours of daylight which can only be beneficial! Make sure that you prepare yourself for the chillier mornings though – keep your slippers and dressing gown by your bed… otherwise when that pesky alarm goes off you’ll find it hard to jump out of bed and seize the day!



Exercise is very important this time of year… it warms up the body, helps combat tiredness and gets the endorphins pumping. Choose whatever suits you best; you could go outside for a brisk walk or run, stay inside at the gym for a mega workout or practise some yoga in your own front room? It’s true that the weather outside may not be so inviting sometimes however studies have shown that exercising indoors in winter has a positive impact on fighting winter blues by improving general mental health and vitality. Whatever you enjoy, just make sure that exercise isn’t left out now the days are getting shorter.



Diet is always important however as the nights draw in warm, tasty food becomes vital! Why not cook some delicious seasonal vegetables… pumpkin, swede, sweet potato? All known to be packed full of fibre, antioxidants and vitamin C, perfect for boosting the serotonin levels to keep your cravings at bay and happy as the darkness creeps in. Also fish out the cod liver oil tablets and start taking them every day – they’re known to help you soak up all the goodness of the sun so helpful now we’ve got to make the most of the little we get. Finally, it’s not all about seasonal vegetables and soups, it’s the best time of year to give yourself a little indulgent treat too… did we hear you mention a creamy hot chocolate in your favourite Keith Brymer Jones mug? Mmm, ideal to hug you from the inside on a wintery day!