Well it’s the start of another year and I’ve just exhibited at the first trade fair of the year. This time it felt different .This time it felt as if people were getting it. Getting what I and I have to say my business partner are trying to do, and that is create the KBJ range into a very comprehensive domestic cookware/life style brand.

The introduction of the Home fragrance range has certainly helped to get across the message and has proved very successful even on its first foray out in the world, and I actually feel quite proud of the finished result. This has been greatly helped by my perfume consultant Juliette Goggin who has guided me and created fragrances that are truly worth using, and fall perfectly within the KBJ world. For me it really is the usability of what has been created. Maybe because of my training I have a very strong sense of whatever is created within the KBJ range has to be usable, honest to its true function.

I know the above sounds all a bit self congratulatory, but what I’m really trying to explain is that I could not do what I do unless it came from the heart. Whatever one has or is creating whether it be an entire business or a work of art, it has to come from an honest place, and cor blimey the KBJ range has certainly come a long way on that road to a stage where I feel it now stands on its own merit.

Both Dom (my business partner) and I are very aware of growing something naturally ,and moving forward on the success of what has been created both in terms of business strategy (Dom’s area),and the product and look of the KBJ and Make as a whole (my area). There is something very satisfying in life about going with a gut feeling and after some hard work (or a lot as the case maybe) being proved right. Again I’m sounding like a self-satisfied, self-congratulatory ego, and I certainly don’t mean to. One of the things that keeps someone like me going is that I’m never truly satisfied with my work. There is always something that can and will be done better. In fact I sometimes feel quite anxious at the thought of being satisfied. For me it’s never a good thing to be totally satisfied with what you create. Maybe I’m just a nutter who has low self-esteem issues, but it works for me so long may it continue.