With Father’s Day in just a few weeks’ time, we spoke to a few (very well known) bloggers to give us an insight on what their ideas are for the perfect Father’s Day gift! If you haven’t got a present for Daddy dearest yet, don’t panic – we’re sure you’ll know exactly what to buy whichever Dad you are buying presents for after reading this post!

Baking Dad

John Adams from Dad Blog UK – our very own ‘Baking Dad’ – said that the Set of Three Measuring Bowls would be a great idea for his Father’s Day gift:

“My eldest daughter is five and loves to make cakes so they’ll come in very useful for baking. Also, we make sure that every Sunday we sit down as a family to have lunch together, usually a roast lunch. We will also use these bowls as serving bowls.

Growing up, Father’s day was always marked with a gift and a card for my stepfather. My two brothers and I would always do this, my brothers often needing reminding by me! There was always a roast lunch as well, often beef.”

Unique Dad

Karen Booth from Lavendar and Lovage got her Royal Navy Dad a Personalised Mug with the words ‘Splice the Mainbrace with a Cuppa!’ hand stamped on the porcelain.

“I am giving this to my dad as he is ex Royal Navy and he loves his morning cuppa! ’Splice the mainbrace’ is an order given aboard naval vessels to issue the crew with a drink – not tea but rum usually and he will LOVE this bit of naval fun on his mug!

Father’s Day used to be a treat for me when I was little; when we lived in Hong Kong and if my dad wasn’t working we would get up late and have breakfast together for his special day… Mum used to make us a taste of home, and dad’s favourite breakfast… toasted bacon sandwiches with Worcestershire sauce… and I was allowed to “make” my own bacon butty. The sandwich was then eaten with pure enjoyment… hot butter streaming down my fingers.”

Foodie Father

“Anything that transports me (mentally at least) to a café in a French market town…” says Mark.For Mark Richards from BestDadICanBe, the perfect Father’s Day present would be three mugs from the Keith Brymer Jones French range for him and his family to drink coffee from in style during their continental Sunday breakfasts.

Mark also took the time to tell us a little about how he spent one Father’s Day as a child:

“Flashback several years and I am standing outside, holding nails. My Dad is making some shelves. “Stand there and watch and you’ll learn something,” he says. I won’t. I’m useless at woodwork. Bottom of my class but too scared to tell my Dad. I can see my mates on the green playing football. I’m still holding nails. Or screws. Or whatever it is my Dad needs next. He’s busy with the new saw I bought him for Father’s Day. Or that Mum bought and gave to me earlier that morning. If I have a son, I think, we’ll do something better on a Sunday morning…”

That sounds like a laugh (!)

Proud Daddy

And last but not least, for Dominic Speelman – Managing Director at Keith Brymer Jones by day, Proud Daddy of two by night – the perfect Father’s Day present from our Keith Brymer Jones range would be the XL Bucket Mug ‘Daddy’s Mug’ to remind him of his darling daughters every time he has a cuppa!

And how did Dominic spend Father’s Day as a child?

“We never celebrated it for some reason – only mother’s day. But now I am a father I insist that it is celebrated!”

Good idea Dom!

There you go! Feeling inspired yet? Head on over to our product page and celebrate Father’s day with Keith Brymer Jones this year!