With Christmas fast approaching, Keith Brymer Jones is here to save the day! Don’t know what to buy your loved ones? Have you bought the perfect gift for your wife yet? Or your husband? What about your friends?! We have created the perfect post especially for you!

Set of 4 Espresso cups & saucers-This is the ideal gift for a coffee addict! Know a friend who lives on coffee? Maybe you can replace Starbucks meet ups with Keith Brymer Jones’ Espresso cup set, and have a coffee party at home!

His & Hers-This makes the cutest gift for any couple! You can buy this for mum & dad, or even for your partner! Waking up to pour hot tea into your matching mugs every morning will create a lovely memory for years to come.

Egg cups-These would make a brilliant gift for the whole family. Our egg cups come in two variations, ‘What came first, the chicken or the egg?’ and ‘Go to work on an egg.’ For a little light hearted humour at the breakfast table, these are the perfect egg cups for you!

Coffee pot & Espresso cups-Is there anyone at home that finds it extremely difficult to wake up in the mornings? Perhaps this Coffee pot & Espresso cups set can change them for good…Waking up to the scent of strong coffee being poured into their very own ‘little shot’ espresso cup will definitely get them excited about the mornings!

Set of 3 Measuring Cups- Do you know any baking enthusiasts? Cake baking will never be the same again, with Keith Brymer Jones’ new measuring cups. Not only do these look adorable on any kitchen counter, but they are very practical as well!