Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Is ‘Oh my, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow…already?!’ a well-known thought for you? All too often the rushing around of daily life doesn’t leave enough time to think and forward plan thus leaving you unprepared and flustered on Valentine’s Day! No thoughtful gift for your loved one is not top on the list of ‘must-dos’ in a partnership. So, if you do find yourself in a sticky situation then here at KBJ HQ we’ve thought of a few last-minute ideas to help you out…we don’t want anyone disappointed on the day!



Buy some tickets

Perhaps the easiest and greatest last-minute gifting option! Whether it’s for spa break away or a live throwing by Keith Brymer Jones, your partner will be impressed with your ‘weeks’ of careful and thoughtful planning. Buy online and get them instantly delivered by email…perfect 😊

Plan a treasure hunt

great for stretching a few small gifts a long way. Perhaps you could write a little complimentary note and a chocolate in each clue. Your partner will never know that you haven’t been thinking about it for months and, at the end of the day, everyone appreciates effort and the personal touch.

Make a play list on Spotify

arefully select special songs that you know evoke happy memories for both of you. This little gesture shouldn’t take too long, oozes thoughtfulness and has the added bonus of being able to keep giving long after Valentine’s Day is over.

Get a subscription

again, this can be done online 2 minutes before you need to hand the gift over. There’s hundreds of different things out there from monthly beer crates to beauty boxes to traditional magazines.

Cook dinner

Act like it wasn’t an accident all the nice restaurants were fully booked and you’d always planned a nice candlelit, homemade dinner for two. You had to go shopping on the day because you wanted the ingredients to be a fresh as possible, right?




Another idea could be…Breakfast in bed!

However, Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday this year which is a work day for a lot of people so save the breakfast in bed until the weekend. Bag yourself a few more days to prepare and act like it was planned that way all along 😊


Finally, something a little different…

Buy a heart shaped cookie cut and cut everything your partner eats into a heart shape. Heart-shaped toast, heart-shaped eggs, heart-shaped icing sugar sprinkled on coffee, so many possibilities!