Now we don’t know about you but while our school days are far behind us, those three little words back-to-school still to this day provoke immediate feelings of disappointment, dread and outright panic!

But like big girls and boys we must face facts- it is back to school and back to work for us all- and while the weather man reigns in this new season with sporadic showers and grey skies we have decided to reign it in with… flowers!!

Yes that’s right we have a whole new Flower Range for you!

After the international success of the word range, Keith Brymer Jones has now created this long awaited follow up. This beautiful collection comprises of a contemporary take on a flower print design that recalls the 1940’s era and the clean and simple ceramic shapes that Keith is loved for, bringing together that same sensibility that lies at the heart of the word range.

This simple design will fit in perfectly with any Keith Brymer Jones word range items you may already have while introducing a bit of variety and colour to your kitchen.

With mugs, jugs, plates, bowls, sugar bowls and a butter dish available in this beautiful new collection, we have everything you need to brighten up breakfast time on these oh so difficult September mornings.