It’s that time of the year again; Christmas is around the corner! Don’t panic, Keith’s pulled together the best gifts for £15 and under and we guarantee delivery before Christmas for all orders made before the 15th December 2015!

The top stocking filler picks by Keith Brymer Jones for 2015, in no particular order, are 🙂 :

Bucket mug – happy!

Ah, the perfect mug to catch Keith’s tears of happiness and passion as he rewatches the Great Pottery Throw Down this Christmas. And the perfect addition to any stocking this year!

Espresso cup – espresso

What better way to show your love then with a fresh espresso on Christmas morning? Fantastically sized and unbeatable in its simple style – you can’t go wrong with this bestselling espresso cup! No coffee machine included, you’ll have to get that yourself 🙂

Bucket mug – ho ho ho!

New for 2015, this ‘ ho ho ho!’ bucket mug is the only mug fit for the first Christmas Day cup of tea! The words ‘ho ho ho!’ are inlaid in green and this bucket mug comes packed in a Christmas gift box.

Small jug – Love

Packaged in a designer gift box, the small jug is hand stamped with the word ‘Love’. Ideal to complete any Keith Brymer Jones fans’ tea set!

Egg cup set

Make breakfast special with the cute ‘what came first the chicken or the egg?’ egg cup set. We don’t know what came first, but we know youwill love these egg cups. There is no better way to serve your perfectly boiled eggs first thing in the morning!

Bucket mug – don’t panic!

This stylish mug is ideal for that comforting cuppa when life is busy. Give the busy person in your house a few moments to just ‘relax!’ and revel in a few moments of peace this Christmas morning.