Read on for all the cooking utensils you need for the perfect barbecue or garden party this year…

It’s summertime again and you’re hoping to enjoy as much of the sunshine as you can! And when those rare rays of sunshine break through the clouds (or not so rare, if you’re lucky J) you need to be ready for an impromptu garden barbecue!

Here is our definitive list of stylish and contemporary kitchen accessories and white porcelain dinnerware to make sure that any last-minute garden party you hold this year is a success:

Salad bowl

No barbecue is complete without a leafy side salad, so don’t forget a large salad bowl to show off your tomato cutting skills….

Oil and Vinegar Set

The Keith Brymer Jones Oil and Vinegar Set is a must-have for every barbecue. The metal spouts are ideal to accurately dispense oil and vinegar and the contemporary designs allow you to look stylish whilst doing so!

Butter dish

Our urban yet tradition butter dish is an essential for every home. The lidded butter dish keeps butter fresh in the fridge until it’s time to spread it’s deliciousness on hot barbequed corn on the cob. Nom!


We’ve come up with the easiest way to get friends and family around one table during your Summer barbecue! Our fabulous statement piece: The Platter! Enhance your dining experience with our large platter and serve anything from sandwiches to your barbecued chicken. Every contemporary home needs our platter at the heart of any dining experience.


Two distinctive aprons for the host or hostess in you!

Head Chef: Gone are the days of being humble and demure, let your family and friends know who the culinary leader is!

Kitchen Diva: Who said you can’t be a glamorous diva whilst cooking? Rock our ‘kitchen diva’ apron and rock it good!

Salt and pepper

You’ve come so far; don’t fall at the last hurdle… Seasoning can make or break a decent burger! Try open salt and pepper pots for an alfresco feel and easier dining for your guests.

There you go, our summer checklist! I know your bursting at the seams! Go on then, start planning the next barbeque and be sure to tag usin your wonderful instagram pictures.