With summer comes sunshine, beaches and a huge responsibility of keeping the kids full and adults sane! Here are a few tips from the team here to get through the summer holidays this year.

Get everyone involved!

It doesn’t always have to be Jamie Oliver meets Gordon Ramsey; you are allowed to go easy on yourself. In fact, get the whole family in the kitchen! One person could be on washing up duty; another could lay the table and so on. Make dinnertime a game! – Pasta bowls

Stay awake!

You need energy and we know just how much coffee and tea help during summer. Before the kids wake up, get some me time to prepare yourself for the day! – Caffeine bucket mug

Take it outside!

Summer is the best time we get to appreciate the outdoors. Eat alfresco with a leafy salad, dips and some simple barbecue food for the family to make the most of it.

Treat yourselves!

It’s the summer holidays- fill up the biscuits barrels and give your bundles of joy (and yourself!) some treats-only when they deserve it of course! – Biscuit Barrels.

Try baking!

Out of ideas for a cheap, fun and indoor activity this summer? Roll up your sleeves, get the kids involved and get to baking! Don’t forget your apron! – Cake Plate.

Get juicing!

For us, one of the best things about summer is the gorgeous fresh fruit that’s available. Use this opportunity to make some fresh fruit juice at home with the kids! Chilled lemonade and fresh orange juice are our favourite! – Juicer- Squeeze and Juice

There you have it folks, our tips for surviving this summer. If we’ve missed anything out, feel free to comment below! Until next time 🙂