So we’re now doing promotional video shoots. Cor blimey things have moved on, and what better and more appropriate place to film such a thing as Whitstable itself were the studio is.

From conception to completion the whole project was executed in a matter of weeks. Dom doesn’t like to hang around much. Which I suppose is a good thing when dealing with this kind of thing,but it meant I only had a week to stamp and make the appropriate mugs etc and without a script until the 11th hour is quite a challenge.

We wanted or should I say the production company (yes I know ,it all sounds so professional) to go for a spoof on the classic film ‘Brief Encounter’ and have words on the mugs that were really the subconscious dialogue. I sat in the meeting when we first discussed this and realised that I wasn’t really needed for this task as the production team had it more than covered. It was like listening to a radio 4 play on how to construct, act, and execute a concise mini film. No ….mostly my part was to make the pots for it. Which is quite apt seeing as that’s what I do?

Once the idea had been formed it was then to find the appropriate location ,and no sooner said than done. As I stepped off the train back from that very said meeting and had the idea of using the Oxford restaurant in Whitstable. It was perfect. It fitted the aesthetic of a waiting room come café and the owner (Lisa Wells) was really accommodating with the idea. It was quite amazing how much lighting, costumes and make up not to mention the sound and camera equipment needed. We really did take the place over for 2 days and that really was down to the openness of the owner Lisa. I’ve since eaten in the Oxford and the food was fantastic.

What I find about Whitstable is that people (on the whole) are really willing to help out . Especially if it’s something creative.

Anyway no doubt we shall being filming another soon as the general concept is open to all sorts of films spoofs.