With this year’s World Cup bigger and better than ever we have decided to bring you the best recipes inspired by this year’s Quarter finalists and their incredible countries!


For the French team we’ve decided to ditch the snails and frogs and go with some comfort food! Have you ever heard of Hachis Parmentier? Or more commonly known as some good old Shepherd’s pie. Nom! In order to fully appreciate the French cuisine in this case- it is essential to use Keith Brymer Jones dinner plates to serve the dish 😉


For the Brazilian team we’ve decided to go with a meaty snack. Beef croquette anyone? Serve this incredible dish up on our large platter to make a statement.


For the Columbian team we’ve decided to go for the vibrant dish that is Arroz Con Pollo! Serve it in our large bowls and make sure everyone gets a generous helping!


When we think of Belgian cuisine, our minds immediately drift off in to a world of waffles! Serve up these mouth watering waffles with a dollop of butter and warm golden syrup! And of course keep your butter fresh in our Keith Brymer Jones Butter Dish.


Apple Strudel or, as the Germans call it, ‘Apfelstrudel’, is just one of those deserts that we can never get enough of! Enjoy a delicious helping of Apple Strudel with a side of vanilla ice cream in our Keith Brymer Jones pudding bowl!


Have you ever tried Costa Rican Chocolate Bread Pudding? Or ‘Capirotada’. We feel slightly guilty sharing this incredible recipe seeing as Summer has already started and we want to look good on our holidays…but believe us when we say IT’S WORTH IT!


If you go to The Netherlands and come back without trying Bitterballens you will be judged! Make these delicious snacks at home and you could even serve them in our snack bowls!


What about a full flavoured Argentinean stew called Lokro! Enjoy the warm flavours in our Love bowl.

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With thanks to …

Penny from Lakelure Kitchen,

Nando Farah from Cuca Brazuca

Diana from Sweety Salado

Ree from The Pioneer Woman

Janet from Taste Space

Anetta from The wanderlust Kitchen

Ellen from In my red kitchen

Katie from sea shells and sunflowers