Keith Brymer Jones

White Espresso Cup | “Love”

Hand-finished Keith Brymer Jones authentic espresso cup with “Love” embossed by hand for a uniquely crafted piece of stylish homeware. The is espresso cup is one of the few items in the entire Word Range of designer kitchenware & tableware to feature a capital letter.Part of the Keith Brymer Jones Word Range.

A contemporary espresso cup from the Word Range that has been embossed with the word “Love” by hand in Keith’s retro typewriter font, making every cup different and unique to the other. This espresso cup is just perfect for that wake-up shot! The smallest of the four sizes of mugs & cups in the Keith Brymer Jones Word Range, these white espresso cups hold 70ml making them the perfect size for a single or double shot (doppio).

Although espresso is originally Italian, the espresso cups are rarely referred to by “la tazzina”, their Italian name, outside of Italy. More commonly around the world, the correct name for this style of cup is a demitasse which is the French translation for small cup, because it’s not just for espresso.


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