Keith Brymer Jones

Standard Bucket Mug 350ml – be creative

Get your daily dose of creativity with this adorable Keith Brymer Jones standard bucket mug inlaid with the words “be creative” in a vibrant lilac typewriter font. Each mug has a capacity of 350ml’s.

This dreamy Keith Brymer Jones standard bucket mug is the perfect addition to any household’s daily routine. The mug is hand-stamped with the words “be creative” in a lilac vintage typewriter font. This mug is perfect as a cute gift or as a nice treat for yourself to fuel your creativity. This mug is part of Keith Brymer Jones’s Word Range which has been developed over the past three decades of Keith career. Keith designed the shape of the iconic bucket mug after an old water bucket from his pottery studio in Whitstable. Keith’s design philosophy is to make simple yet stylish ceramic pieces that can be incorporated into any modern home. Every piece in the Word Range is microwave and dishwasher safe making them practical for everyday life.