Keith Brymer Jones

Standard Bucket Mug 350ml – cheese lover

We all have that one friend that’s addicted to a good stilton? This Keith Brymer Jones bucket mug hand-stamped with the word “cheese lover” in bright red vintage typewriter font. Each mug has a capacity of 350ml’s.

This cute Keith Brymer Jones standard bucket mug is perfect for showing off your casual cheese addiction. The mug is hand-embossed with the words “cheese lover” in a vibrant red, which contrasts beautifully with the super white porcelain which crafts the base of the mug. This mug has been hand designed right here in the UK by renowned ceramist Keith Brymer Jones. You may know Keith from BBC’s Great Pottery Throw Down (the emotional tall guy). Keith started out his career in a studio in Highgate as a production potter which is where he started to develop the Word Range. Today the Word Range has over 500 pieces and counting, Keith’s design philosophy is to create simple ceramics which fit perfectly into modern homes. Every product in the Word Range is microwave and dishwasher safe.