Scion Pajaro Mug 350ml | Citrus

A contemporary spin on swallows flying overheard, this striking geometric design by Scion Living has been named Pajaro. With a capacity of 350ml, it is perfectly sized for your favourite tea or milky coffee.

Crafted from the finest quality porcelain, the Pajaro mug is new to the Scion Living family of ceramics. Originally just a sketch in the Scion designer’s studio, the Pajaro design was placed on bestselling fabrics and wallpapers before it made its way onto our ceramics. This Pajaro mug was designed collaboratively by expert potter, Keith Brymer Jones, who crafted the mug shape and the Scion designers who created the unique surface pattern. Made from the finest quality porcelain, this Pajaro mug is a zesty citrus yellow but also comes in three other funky colourways. This Pajaro mug looks good as a stand-alone mug but fantastic alongside the other Pajaro mugs and the rest of the Scion Living characters. Vibrant colours, reasonable prices and quirky designs… ‘for homes that surprise and delight, think Scion!’