Keith Brymer Jones National Trust Mug Collection

Hand-finished with the makers’ mark pressed into the porcelain alongside the instantly recognisable leaf motif of National Trust, Keith Brymer Jones has created a simple but enigmatic shape that is capable of feeling both robust and, at the same time, small & delicate in the hand.

National Trust Mug Collection


Pebble Grey
A clean & understated mid-grey, inspired by the quartzite pebbles found along Britain’s dramatic coastline.

Meadow Green
A lively, naturally stimulating shade of green inspired by the acres of English meadows in the care of National Trust.

Blush Pink
Inspired by the delicate hues of the pink flowering Albas Rose, this uplifting shade can be combined with neutral colours for a quietly charming effect, or with bolder shades for a more graphic appeal.

Celadon Green
A shade of jade inspired by the celadon wares that can be found amongst the National Trust’s historic arts & antiques collections.

The Cobalt Blue
A vivid and graphic hue, inspired by the pigment used by artists including Turner, Renoir, Monet & Van Gogh.

Sail Blue
The cool blue is reminiscent of the sea & skies around the British coast. Sail Blue is a light, gentle shade that subtly shifts between blue and green hues.