Keith Brymer Jones

Echoes of Spode – Absent Tribe: Beaker (S)

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Keith is joining forces with Darren Washington, Sarah Peart, Dan Thompson, Marj Hogarth and Paul Rogerson to commemorate the men and women that worked in Spode in an exhibition at the Centre Space Gallery. Every single piece of pottery ware made in Stoke was being touched by about 15 pairs of hands. In its prime, this site employed over 1000 people. Imagine all those hands, all that history.​

Keith has made 1100 beakers, one for every one of the workforce when the site was at its busiest, and a smaller one for every child working on the site. He remembered their hands as he shaped the beakers that holds their memory. Each beaker has been handmade by Keith in his Kentish studio, decorated with transfers printed in Stoke, and then brought here to fill this space in one of the old Spode mould rooms.​

In this new installation, running alongside the British Ceramics Biennial, Keith has filled this place with memory and made the ghosts of this place solid.

A share of the proceeds will go to the Donna Louise: Hospice care for children & young people.