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White Espresso Cup | “espresso”

Unique Keith Brymer Jones espresso cup with the word “espresso” hand-pressed using Keith’s iconic retro typewriter font for a stylish touch of vintage chic. The smallest of the four sizes of mugs & cups in the Keith Brymer Jones Word Range, these white espresso cups hold 70ml making them the perfect size for a single or double shot. The classic espresso cup is part of the Keith Brymer Jones Word Rage of designer homeware.

A contemporary espresso cup from the Word Range hand-finished with the word ‘espresso’ in red using Keith’s retro typewriter font. This means that every espresso cup is different and unique to the next. This espresso cup is perfect for that wake-up shot! Traditionally an Italian espresso is served in a plain white porcelain espresso cup (or a *demitasse) because the white porcelain beautifully reflects the dark brown colour of the espresso. A cup to buy solo or as a set, you can choose. Timeless in style, this designer espresso cup will never look dated in your home. Suitable to any interior, this simple yet elegant espresso cup will add charm to your home.  There’s much more to the classic white espresso cup than first meets the eye. As you’d expect from the master ceramicist, it is hard wearing, dishwasher & microwave safe.

*What is a demitasse? The name demitasse originated in France and literally translates as half cup. It is half the size of French style coffee cup. A demitasse typically holds between 60-90 ml.


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