Keith Brymer Jones

Ceramic White Espresso Cup Pair with Saucer – his & hers – 100ml

Espresso? Hand stamped with ‘his’ in red and ‘hers’ in lilac this sweet pair of gift boxed espresso cups and saucers makes a stylish and practical gift for a coffee loving couple.

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Each piece in the Keith Brymer Jones Word Range features a hand-stamped word or phrase carefully pressed into the porcelain creating subtle differences between every single piece. From espresso cups to large mugs to storage jars, there are now over 400 products in the Word Range collection.

It was Keith’s personal experience of growing up with dyslexia which inspired the creation of his iconic Word Range. Keith initially viewed words as shapes and considered them the perfect design concept to decorate his ceramics!

Keith throws every shape in all of the ceramic ranges on his potter’s wheel at his home studio before working closely with an expert production team in China to ensure the products on the factory floor match the same high specifications as the pieces made in his studio.



Care Instructions

Dishwasher & Microwave Safe


H 6.2cm W 7.1cm L 9.2cm (Saucer D 12cm)



Country of Origin



Keith Brymer Jones




Espresso Cups

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