Keith Brymer Jones

Limited Edition Luxury Scented Candle – Cucumber, Thyme & Black Pepper

Originally released many years back, we have a limited number of scented candles available for you lovely people. Following from the success of the Word Range, Keith found the time again to mix scents with one of UK’s leading perfumers to make his own home fragrance. Cucumber, Thyme & Blackcurrant: What could be more English than high tea, cucumber sandwiches and Pimms? In this crips, green fragrance we have blended these most famous elements of a truly English Summer’s day.

Currently shipping to UK and Northern Ireland only.

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Keith’s passion for pottery was sparked aged 11 after being handed a lump of clay by his art teacher who encouraged him to make something with it. The pottery owl he crafted during that class was his first ceramic creation and the start of Keith’s journey to becoming the master potter that he is today.

The design stage of each new product starts on Keith’s potter’s wheel in his UK studio and once the perfect prototype has been created production takes place in China, a country with a deep-rooted history in expert ceramic production. Keith works closely with a team of highly skilled craftsmen to perfect the delicate production process, ensuring each mug, bowl or jug matches the same style and high quality of his original design.


Approx 45 hours burn time

Care Instructions

Porcelain will get hot during use. Never leave a burning candle unattended & keep out of reach of children & pets.


H 10.5cm W 9cm L 9cm


Porcelain & Wax

Country of Origin

China (Porcelain) & United Kingdom (Wax)


Keith Brymer Jones




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