Keith Brymer Jones

Large Bucket Mug | “FFS”

Need a mug to match your morning mood? Well look no further, this Keith Brymer Jones large bucket mug inlaid with the word “FFS” in a bright green is perfect for those early Monday feels. The large bucket mug has a capacity of 500ml, perfect to hold all of that frustration.

Looking for a massive mug to match your morning mood? This Keith Brymer Jones large bucket mug says it all! More than suiting for those days when all you want to shout is “FOR F*UCK SAKE!” but it’s not deemed appropriate. This mug is crafted with super white porcelain and has the word “FFS” embossed in a green typewriter font. This text is hand-stamped making every mug different to the next one.

Designed by renowned ceramicist and MAKE International’s head of design, Keith Brymer Jones. The Word Range has been in development for 3 decades, the range started in Keith’s original studio in Highgate where he worked as a production potter. Keith also use to be in a punk band, hence the sassy mug! All products in the Keith Brymer Jones Word range are microwave and dishwasher safe, making them stylish and practical.

Give the FFS rude mug as a gift to someone you know. Perhaps their catchphrase is FFS or at least its something you know they relate to… (who doesn’t am I right?). Or get it as a gift for yourself and express your inner emotions in a way that’s not necessarily conventional but sure does the job and refreshes you at the same time!