Keith Brymer Jones

Large Bucket Mug 500ml – happy! (orange)

This Keith Brymer Jones large bucket mug which is inlaid with the word “happy!” in a burnt orange has been introduced to the Word Range. We have extended this word into multiple sizes to supply our customers with their daily dose of caffeine fuelled happiness.

This large bucket mug by Keith Brymer Jones which is hand-embossed with the word “happy!” in burnt orange retro typewriter font has been introduced to the famous Keith Brymer Jones Word Range. This word proved to be a hit with our customers so we have introduced the product in a range of sizes and colours, to supply our customers with their daily dose of happiness. Keith has been developing the word range for 3 decades which now is known for its simplistic modern appeal. Keith’s design philosophy is ‘to design products that are simple yet stylish, practical in the modern home but, above all make people happy!’. All products in the Keith Brymer Jones Word Range are dishwasher and microwaveable safe and have a capacity of 500ml.