Keith Brymer Jones

Medium Bowl 500ml – foodie

Do you love food or know someone who loves food? Well, here is the perfect bowl for you. This Keith Brymer Jones bowl is crafted from the finest super white porcelain, the word “foodie” is hand stamped in a vibrant green. This bowl has a capacity of 500ml.

We all love delicious food and this bowl is the perfect addition to anyone’s dinner table. The bowl is crafted with the finest super white porcelain and hand embossed with the word “foodie” in a vibrant green vintage typewriter font. Keith Brymer Jones has been developing the word range for over 30 years, where he had started out as a production potter throwing up to 1,000 pots a day. Keith is now head of design at MAKE International, you may have recognised him from being a judge on the BBC Great Pottery Throw Down. Every piece in the word range is microwave and dishwasher safe making them stylish and practical.