Keith Brymer Jones

bastard mug – 350ml Bucket Mug

Hand-finished Keith Brymer Jones authentic bastard Bucket Mug (350ml)” embossed by hand & hand-coloured for a uniquely crafted piece of stylish homeware. Part of the Keith Brymer Jones Word Range.

The bastard mug makes an original gift for the total bastard in your life. The unsual shape of the Bucket Mug is a staple of Keith Bryer Jones’ Word Range of designer tablewware. The words, embossed & coloured by hand, are a signature feature of Keith’s Word Range, and made using hand-made stamps with the iconic, vintage typewriter font. Dishwasher safe & microwave safe. these original Bucket Mugs hold 350ml and are crafted from super white porcelain for hard-wearing finish.


Medium Mug


Keith Brymer Jones