Keith Brymer Jones

Medium Ceramic White Mug – #momfg (Cymraeg / Welsh Range) – 350ml

British Ceramicist Keith Brymer Jones is bringing the beauty of the Welsh language to his signature ‘word’ collection with a celebration of the country’s favourite phrases and expressions.  Produced in super white porcelain and available in a range of sizes, each piece is hand-embossed using a distinctive retro hand-writer font, synonymous with this range designed by Keith.

We’ve all experienced a situation where you just need or want to get the f*** outta there. Well we have the perfect mug to accompany that situation. 😉

‘#momfg’ = let’s get out of here really f-ing quickly 🏎️

Currently shipping to UK and Northern Ireland only.

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The Keith Brymer Jones Word Range is a collection of super white porcelain tableware with each piece featuring a unique hand-stamped colourful word or phrase in a classic retro, typewriter font. With clean styling, a hint of vintage, and a large slice of humour, the Word Range features mugs, plates, teapots, jugs, flower vases, a butter dish and so much more.

Keith’s passion for pottery was sparked aged 11 after being handed a lump of clay by his art teacher who encouraged him to make something with it. The pottery owl he crafted during that class was his first ceramic creation and the start of Keith’s journey to becoming the master potter that he is today.

Every piece in the Keith Brymer Jones Word Range is made from super white porcelain and is fired at an incredibly high temperature to create a hard-wearing finish that is both dishwasher and microwave safe.



Care Instructions

Dishwasher & Microwave Safe


H 8cm W 10cm L 12.5cm



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Keith Brymer Jones




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