Keith Brymer Jones

Standard Bucket Mug Pair 350ml – rise shine

The sun has come up, it’s time to rise & shine! We have a great pair of standard bucket mugs for those in need of some stylish contemporary mugs. Designed in the UK by Keith Brymer Jones, these mugs come gift boxed with the words “rise” in racing green and “shine” in bright orange hand-stamped onto the mugs.


Morning has broken… have your first cuppa in these stylish pair of standard bucket mugs from Keith Brymer Jones. They are gift boxed so ready to buy for your friend, neighbour, partner, colleague or just for yourself! These mugs are hand embossed in retro typewriter font with the words “rise” in green on one mug and “shine” in orange on the other. They are made from super white porcelain and would look lovely in any home and you will be the envy of all your friends. The Word Range has been in development for 3 decades using Keith’s simple design philosophy ‘to design products that are simple yet stylish, practical in the modern home but, above all, make people happy!’ Each product from the Word Range is microwave and dishwasher safe, making them practical and stylish.