Some scientists claim that people who swear are more intelligent, while some reports suggest swearing makes you happier, healthier and more honest. We don’t know about that, but there are definitely times when only a rude word will sufficiently convey your feelings.

With that in mind, we appreciate that these rude word mugs are not for everybody and might be considered NSFW.

You have to know someone pretty well to give them a rude word mug; they have to share your sense of humour but, with those special mates, you know they will smile every time they use it.

Keith Brymer Jones’ irreverent sense of humour is well-known. Anyone who has ever seen his versions of HappyRolling in the Deep & Nothing Compares 2 U, would not be surprised to learn that the cheeky master ceramicist would slip a few rude word mugs into his Word Range.

Whether you’re a bastard or a bitch or have a friend who is a bit of a tosser then you’ll find a rude mug that’s perfect for them. For those times when you just feel like saying  “fuck it” , “FFS” or  “#WTF?!”, now you can do it while simultaneously enjoying a refreshing cuppa in your own, personal rude word mug.

If you’re already a fan of Keith Brymer Jones Word Range, then you might just want to slip a rude word mug into your collection for the next time your cock of a mate, or your knob of a neighbour comes round. Try sharing a drink without sniggering as they sip their coffee.

These rude word mugs are amongst our most popular items, and they tend to sell out as quickly as Keith can produce them. Whether it’s to satisfy your own irreverent sense of humour,  or for a mate with a dirty mind, these less-than-appropriate rude word mugs make a fabulous gift.