It’s that time of year again that we all love… the weather is warmer and the pace of life slows down a little. The perfect season to take a little time and turn your attention to looking after number one – yourself (for a change)! It can be easy to prioritise other tasks with a busy work and home life but here’s a few ideas that we, in the Keith Brymer Jones team, love to help us unwind and destress:

Have a cup of herbal tea

Don’t have a rushed cuppa whilst you frantically check your emails and attempt to do 200 other tasks at the same time. Relax in the evening and STOP to pour yourself a hot drink which you can sit down and enjoy! Your drink should be your sole focus allowing your mind to loosen up and empty of the day’s stresses. Have whatever drink you love but perhaps give herbal teas a try? They are all the range nowadays with their uniquely refreshing flavours and added health benefits. Have a look for your perfect relaxing mug, or maybe treat a friend; what about the KBJ ‘relax!’ word mug?

Have some friends over for afternoon tea and cake

You’ll be hard pushed to find anyone who doesn’t find eating cake and drinking tea with their closest friends! Set up a chilled out meeting, provide delicious food and watch as everyone’s worries float away J Make sure you’ve got the perfect presentation to blow your friends away. We recommend super white porcelain mugs with a matching cake stand and side plates – what a terrific trio!

Go out into nature

Whether it’s a short evening stroll through the nearest park, a full-on hike at the weekend or just a few minutes in your garden, there’s no doubt that some time spent at one with nature can help to organise your thoughts and put your worries into perspective. Beautiful scenery, fresh air in your lungs and a bit of peace and quiet is a great way to unwind. If you’re lucky enough to live by the sea, why not take a dip? It’s Keith Brymer Jones’ favourite way to relax!

Write a dairy

Recording your thoughts and feelings is therapeutic! Let everything flow out onto the paper and you can’t help but feel somewhat lighter afterwards. It’s healthy and good for personal development to appreciate your successes and assess your mistakes – there’s no better place, free of judgement, to do that than a diary!

Do some exercise, yoga or mediation

Exercise, whether that is a light stroll or an intense workout, is sure to help you feel relaxed afterwards. Yoga and meditation are known to be incredibly soothing and these have the added benefit of being able to be done in the comfort of your own front room.

Have a bath

If you are able to find time, a bath is a fab way of washing your worries away. By literally soaking and relaxing the muscles, it’s no surprise that your brain follows suit. Add some scents, candles and music to make the whole experience leaving you feeling like a new and refreshed person. Why not take a cup of tea to the bath in your favourite mug to really take your bath to the next level?