It’s that time of the year again, have you started ripping your hair out with thoughts of panic Christmas present buying? Never fear, we’ve pulled together the best gifts for £15 or less to make life easier and stockings fuller this year! We present to you, our top picks for stocking fillers this Christmas:

Espresso cups

Is anybody in your house an avid coffee drinker? They’ll squeal with delight when presented with a mini espresso cup in their stockings! Keith Brymer Jones’ espresso cups come in 6 variations; cafe, espresso, hot & little shot from our word range and blue & yellow flowers from our Flower range!

Small jugs-

Our adorable small jugs come in three variations. The ‘milk’ & ‘cream’ jugs can make an appearance during teatime and you can fill the ‘love’ jug with almost anything, plus it comes in an adorable gift box! Be warned! These small jugs will result in a series of ‘oohs’ & ‘awwws’ as soon as they are unwrapped!

Egg cups-

Are eggs for breakfast a thing in your house? Well perhaps you should make it a tradition this Christmas! Place a little egg cup in every stocking and watch how everybody’s face lights up! Intellectual debates at the breakfast table FTW!